Eduardo Kobra


Born in São Paulo, in 1976. Lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil.

Kobra began his artistic career in 1987 with 11 years old. Following the development that urban art gained in São Paulo, he converged – with Studio Kobra, created in the decade of 1990 – to an original mural painting, taking advantage of his characteristics as an experimental artist, good designer and skilled realistic painter.

He also developed the project “Walls of Memories” with the goal to transform the urban landscape through art and bring back the memories of the city he is in. In the spirit of repurposing, Kobra designs murals that harkens back to the past, digging into historical imagery and lore to produce vibrantly colored, visually detailed murals, whereby he paints but also sticks, overlaps and interferes with scenes and characters from the first decades of the twentieth century. He now has this project in many cities besides his native town, Sao Paulo, such as Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Athens (Greece), Lyon (France), London (England), New York (USA), Miami (USA) and Los Angeles (USA).

Vintage imagery is Kobra’s calling card and chief passion – he aims to revisit and appreciate our varied historical moments, and he does so in pure, celebratory fashion.


“Global Warming”

Dimentions: 160 x 130 cm
Technique: spray, airbrush and acrylic on canvas
Year: 2011




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