Founded in 1959 by Romanian Andrew Blau, the Art Gallery is currently Andrew benchmark in the Brazilian art. Your space Street USA, 2280, has undergone expansion and now has 1553 meters square and is recognized as the largest art gallery in Latin America. 

In the Brazilian art scene, Andrew is an active participant in the process of market development. For decades home to generations of artists and encourages the emergence of collectors and art lovers through periodic exhibitions and educational projects / cultural. Today Andrew is a gallery of galleries more traditional, serious and active in Brazil.

  Being faithful to the style of operation of the Gallery and the work of forming a framework of contemporary artists, the young Julia Blau, opted to strengthen the commitment of Andrew, with painting and three-dimensionality. Thus the current and recent director of the gallery chose these media to achieve a stimulating work with emerging artists and well-known, full of new ideas, speeches and a willingness to explore the endless options that exist within these fields.

 Since its founding, the gallery also specializes in the resale of works of art by renowned artists such as Aldemir Martins, Alfredo Volpi, Giorgi, Carlos Araujo, Carlos Scliar, Cicero Dias, Clovis Graciano, Di Cavalcanti, Frans Krajcberg, Guignard, Hector Carybé , Manabu Mabe, Orlando Teruz, Roberto Burle Marx, Sonia Ebling and Tomie Ohtake.

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